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#IndustrialArtifact 1 - Einstürzende Neubauten's "Ende Neu." A declaration 16 years in that this is just beginning.

#IndustrialArtifact 2 - The Pleasure Principle @numanofficial turns 35 today. Arguably the first great synthpop LP.

#IndustrialArtifact 3 - Colin Wilson's 1956 leftfield crit The Outsider, showing the power of misfits and wierdos.

#IndustrialArtifact 4 - Strange Days, Kathryn Bigelow's cyberpunk mess. An anarchic carnival of systemic collapse.

#IndustrialArtifact 5 - Cyberden. In 86 a goth BBS (by Xorcist's Bat), in 91 an ISP, & in 94 1 of the 1st websites.

#IndustrialArtifact 6 - Les Disques du Crépuscule: Belgian exp./p-p label from 1980. Key UK/Euro-scene connector.épuscule

#IndustrialArtifact 7 - Mr Sebastian: gay SM activist & uncontested father of modern bodymod. Also worked with PTV.

#IndustrialArtifact 8 - It's his birthday, so I choose @DavidBowieReal's Diamond Dogs. Pop's first great dystopia.

#IndustrialArtifact 9 - Red Army Faction: leftist urban militants & organizers. Wreckers of the past (inter alia).

#IndustrialArtifact 10 - The Process Church. Dualistic psych theology with surprising overground connections.

#IndustrialArtifact 11 - Warning's 1982 "Why Can the Bodies Fly." Cookie Monster vox, terrible English. Good stuff.

#IndustrialArtifact 12 - Music from the Empty Quarter: perhaps industrial music' last great zine, launched '91.

#IndustrialArtifact 13 - Since I'm waiting for a jumpstart, behold Battery, the best female-fronted 90s electro act

#IndustrialArtifact 14 - Babs Santini: cavey cutup visual art of Nurse With Wound's Steven Stapleton. Many credits.

#IndustrialArtifact 15 - Not only did @garylevermore found ThirdMind & ToneDeath but he made fine records. Bushido.

#IndustrialArtifact 16 - Blackhouse. 1st Christian industrial act, not that you can hear it. As dark as anything.

#IndustrialArtifact 17 - (& a #WaxTraxFriday entry) Tomaž Hostnik, original Laibach frontman. (Suicide, 1982.)

#IndustrialArtifact 18 - '89 parody of Laibach by Croat political singer Rambo Amadeus. Lyrics are about pastries.

#IndustrialArtifact 19 - Nam June Paik: Fluxus, abjection, & tech. "The only way to win a race is to run alone."

#IndustrialArtifact 20 - For @DAVID_LYNCH's birthday, his '89 Industrial Symphony # 1 w/ A. Badalamenti. Brillant.

#IndustrialArtifact 21 - Batz Without Flesh, late-80s Baltimore EBM. Example of the genre's move into local scenes.

#IndustrialArtifact 22 - Before the legendary Chicago label, Jim & Dannie had the Denver WaxTrax store. Still open.

#IndustrialArtifact 23 - The number 23 (not the movie). Mystic # to Burroughs, @GenesisBPO, & in band names Skidoo, Assemblage, & Oxygen.  

#IndustrialArtifact 24 - Weathermen. Late-80s Belgians get a taste for US swag; occasionally great. #WaxTraxFriday

#IndustrialArtifact 25 - Vittore Baroni. Invented the Italian scene and helped marry #industrialmusic to mail art.

#IndustrialArtifact 26 - S'#Grammy day, so @nineinchnails' winner. Vid by P. Christopherson @ThrobbingGrstle /Coil

#IndustrialArtifact 27 - À Rebours, by Huysmans. 1884 decadent novel aestheticizing misery, claiming art>morality.

#IndustrialArtifact 28 - Pete Seeger, who, as a guerrilla anticapitalist, saw music's link to literal "industrial" concerns. #RIP  

#IndustrialArtifact 29 - The Oberheim Matrix 6, a go-to digital synth for 80s basslines. Listen to Nitzer Ebb, FLA.

#IndustrialArtifact 30 - Drance. Totally forgotten player in crossover of SF leather and industrial. Members RIP.

#IndustrialArtifact 31 - Sound of Pig, label run by tapescene king Al Margolis. The Haters, Muslimgauze, If Bwana.

#IndustrialArtifact 32 - Ipecac Loop. One of the first to emerge as net scenesters, early 90s. Instantly global.

#IndustrialArtifact 33 - Obv "bowl" talk is about @skinnypuppy_ project HILT's Journey to the Center of the Bowl LP

#IndustrialArtifact 34 - 5th Colvmn Records. Top US indie of 90-96, where coldwave+experimental were in symbiosis.

#IndustrialArtifact 35 - LoveHounds list. 1st net-based alt music forum 85-87. Not just K. Bush; industrial too.

#IndustrialArtifact 36 - William Burroughs. Cut-ups. Magick. Sci-Fi. Audio. Paranoia. The spiritual father of industrial music. 100 today.  

#IndustrialArtifact 37 - Paul Kendall (@300hz) Prod./Eng./Mix for Nitzer, Die Krupps, DM, NIN, FLA, Laibach, Haujobb. Swans GET THE POINT?  

#IndustrialArtifact 38 - HGun Labs. Video team behind NIN, KMFDM, FLA, & others (incl. Public Enemy). #waxtraxFriday

#IndustrialArtifact 39 - Last Few Days. Famously obscure early tourmates of Laibach. Recorded 100 hours and released 1.

#IndustrialArtifact 40 - Krautrock supergroup Harmonia. Their '76 Eno collab = maybe the best proto-industrial record.

#IndustrialArtifact 41 - Mid-70s hangout of SF's dadaists and proto-industrialists, @CafeFlore. Daytime haunt of Monte Cazazza, Z'ev, Factrix.  

#IndustrialArtifact 42 - DAF's 1980 live "Gib's Mir." Lines blur from punk to noise to calisthenic workout. Ferocious.

#IndustrialArtifact 43 - Recalling #MaggieEstep fondly & unsappily, heres coolsexy Luscious Apparatus (@Recoilofficial)

#IndustrialArtifact 44 - Happy Birthday @cEvinKey! Here's the outstanding track "Blowfish" he did in 1988 w/ D Goettel.

#IndustrialArtifact 45 - Feral House, pushers of "forbidden" texts of "apocalypse culture." Ugly sympathies but unique.

#IndustrialArtifact 46 - Max M's prescient 1994 "A Day on the Net." Album came with a jpg graphic novel. #cyberpunk

#IndustrialArtifact 47 - Raoul Hausmann, Berlin Dadaist. Have a self-portrait & a sound poem: and

#IndustrialArtifact 48 - Sound of Noise. 2010 comedy w/ industrial spirit: drummers terrorize Europe. (On Netflix too!)

#IndustrialArtifact 49 - Devo, in memory of Bob Casale. Here's a '75 track that may as well be TG via Residents.

#IndustrialArtifact 50 - Stephen Thrower, Coil's third (and last living early) member. Author, clarinetist, mind.

#IndustrialArtifact 51 - Walter Ruttmann: "Wochenende." 1930 film with no image. Likely the 1st recorded noise collage.

#IndustrialArtifact 52 - Want to hear Jean-Luc & Patrick from before @_Front242? "Trouble" by Under Viewer, circa 1980.

#IndustrialArtifact 53 - DieselChrist, who only made DepecheMode covers except one charming cyberpunk PDK-based single.

#IndustrialArtifact 54 - Severed Heads, est. '79. Essential. Both aggressive & good natured. Follow @t0m3llArd & buy

#IndustrialArtifact 55 - Mosolov's 1928 The Iron Foundry. Russian futurism at its most bombastic.

#IndustrialArtifact 56 - Beak by Monitor, '79. LA-based electropunk with help from NON. Unhinged. DAF + Oingo Boingo.

#IndustrialArtifact 57 - Nihilist Spasm Band, Canadian; arguably the 1st noise band. Here's "Destroy All Nations," 1968

#IndustrialArtifact 58 - Legendary F*ck Art Let's Kill shirt made by Jared of Chemlab & worn by Ogre on Ministry tour.

#IndustrialArtifact 59 - Don't forget WaxTrax's camp roots & ties btwn early industrial & drag. DIVINE. #waxtraxfriday

#IndustrialArtifact 60 - From the Oscar-nominated original Robocop, Al Jourgensen+Ogre (as PTP)'s "Show Me Your Spine."

#IndustrialArtifact 61 - It's March, so here's 1991's "Zombies' March" by EBM one-hit-wonder Mao Tse Tung Experience:

#IndustrialArtifact 62 - The Feverish, a fine zine that lasted 5 issues mid-80s. German/English. Industrial/Fluxus/etc.

#IndustrialArtifact 63 - Best psych/goth/industrial hybrid of @CleopatraRecord's early days: Pressurehed: Paralysis '92

#IndustrialArtifact 64 - Speaking of soul, Chicago's Die Warzau got blues crazy on '94's "Liberated." (plus NIN sample)

#IndustrialArtifact 65 - I mentioned NIN's "Sin"; here's SinGothic, a 91 font by @MrNullDevice. Ubiquitious in the 90s.

#IndustrialArtifact 66 - Downward Spiral turns 20 today. Feel old? Like it or not, it changed much. Best song? Ruiner.

#IndustrialArtifact 67 - If It Moves... '88 oneoff by Neon Judgement's Dirk Da Davo & Street Ducks' Glenn Frank. Not bad.

#IndustrialArtifact 68 - Borghesia's overlooked '88 LP Escorts & Models is noir noir noir: a jazzy Slovenian trashscape

#IndustrialArtifact 69 - Having misnumbered poor 68, here's a prophetic '68 record, Silver Apples:

#IndustrialArtifact 70 - I'm in NYC, so Missing Foundation, no-wave crossover with legendary graffiti & KMFDM tie-in.

#IndustrialArtifact 71 - Another NYC themed record, Foetus's York, recorded at the Anchorage in Brooklyn w/ L. Lunch.

#IndustrialArtifact 72 - Still in NYC so the theme persists! Micro Chip League (Frankfurt)'s hardbeat classic New York,

#IndustrialArtifact 73 - More NYC theme: 79 live version of the great Empire State Human by mid-transition Human League

#IndustrialArtifact 74 - I left NYC today, so appropriately here's ClockDVA's '91 "NYC Overload." I love Adi's whisper.

#IndustrialArtifact 75 - (Missed yesterday) From Spain, the legendary early synthpop act Aviador Dro w/ their debut:

#IndustrialArtifact 76 - The great Irish Rod Pearce, Fetish Records head (79-84) Inestimably important. Died tragically

#IndustrialArtifact 77 - Hanatarashi at Toritsu Kasei Super Loft, 8/4/85. Chased audience with a stolen diesel backhoe.

#IndustrialArtifact 78 - Flux Information Sciences, 1st (?) of the ca. 2000 non-scene alt industrial revival. Discog @

#IndustrialArtifact 79 - Rudi Dutschke, 60s-70s student movement leader. Squatter spokesman, beloved by Berlin scene.

#IndustrialArtifact 80 - 1987's Animal Liberation comp, when industrial & ecopolitics were inseparable. #waxtraxfriday

#IndustrialArtifact 81 - In Michigan today, so here's Detroit's Shock Therapy ca. '87. Brilliant. RIP Itchy McCormick.

#IndustrialArtifact 82 - Detroit's Code Industry, EBM's 1st all-African American act. 2nd LP = ferocious & underrated.

#IndustrialArtifact 83 - Dreamt I got @MetropolisRec's 188th CD. Looked it up after waking: Icon of Coil #weirdbrain

#IndustrialArtifact 84 - Kraftwerk live in 1970, before their synthpop. Unbelievable footage, sound, and performance.

#IndustrialArtifact 85 - Bond Bergland's 1985 LP Unearth. After fronting Factrix, he made blissful, dark guitar psych.

#IndustrialArtifact 86 - Love, Emily: charming 87 collaboration by post-beat author Kathy Acker & French ind. act NOX.

#IndustrialArtifact 87 - Bay Area Dada Group, 1970-1984. Fluxan SF revivalists of the surreal, offensive, incl. Monte C

#IndustrialArtifact 88 - Diana Rogerson, aka Chrystal Belle Scrodd, member of Fistf*ck & NWW collab. A recent track:

#IndustrialArtifact 89 - Voodoo Death Beat's 88 Dance Til You Die. Overlooked classic by @marteeeen & Invisible's 1st.

#IndustrialArtifact 90 - RIP Frankie Knuckles, house pioneer. Fan of @waxtraxchicago & @_Front242, here's his EBMest.

#IndustrialArtifact 91 - Before Consolidated, there was Until December. Their best cut is the soulful "Sequence Line":

#IndustrialArtifact 92 - Skinned, the '98 sample library of @skinnypuppy_ All legally cleared (unlike Left Hand Shake).

#IndustrialArtifact 93 - Joined at the Head's "In Penetration" is one of those 200+-bpm wildman songs. #waxtraxfriday

#IndustrialArtifact 94 - Sneakyville by Scot synthpoppers Secession. Among the rarest electro LPs, plus Manson samples

#IndustrialArtifact 95 - DM: "Tora Tora Tora," Gore's 1st song, & it stands out as shockingly dark amid S&S. Live '81.

#IndustrialArtifact 96 - Altered States, '80 masterwork by Ken Russell. Drugs = new perception = new reality. Like y'do.

#IndustrialArtifact 97 - My old teacher Charles Dodge's '74 über creepy electroacoustic piece "He Destroyed Her Image"

#IndustrialArtifact 98 - Spin magazine's first writeup of industrial music, May 1986, page 39:

#IndustrialArtifact 99 - Ninetynine, by Haujobb. The best album to come from the IDM/industrial flirtation. Gorgeous.

#IndustrialArtifact 100 - 100 Per Day Extinct by the underrated Stereotaxic Device. Political, brutal electro. 1992.

#IndustrialArtifact 101 - Crash Worship, San Diego's finest percussion outfit. Ranks w/ Test Dept. Some ca. '87 fare:

#IndustrialArtifact 102 - Ken Thomas, superproducer & PTV member. Laibach, Test Dept, Bolshoi, C93, NPN, ClockDVA, etc.

#IndustrialArtifact 103 - Ting Kong, Minneapolis's first industrial percussion group, later Savage Aural Hotbed. 1985:

#IndustrialArtifact 104 - The 1984 vocoder funk gem "Under the Lights" by the occasionaly brilliant UK act Shriekback.

#IndustrialArtifact 105 - Joel Haertling, Denver-based maker of 80s industrial zine Zamizdat Trade Jrnl & pro weirdo.

#IndustrialArtifact 106 - Neon Judgement's '90 "The Insult" belongs beside RevCo in the industrial cowboy music canon:

#IndustrialArtifact 107 - Pain Station's '96 debut track "Empty." One of the best, darkest sprawling songs of the 90s.

#IndustrialArtifact 108 - That last record came out on Decibel, run by Alien Faktor, who made dank, excellent stuff.

#IndustrialArtifact 109 - Noting the date: Cyberaktif's Tenebrae Vision LP. Leeb made up w/ Key & crashed on his sofa.

#IndustrialArtifact 110 - KMFDM mixed Love & Rockets' '98 "Resurrection Hex" & stole the beat from Die Warzau's '94 mix of their own "Light."  

#IndustrialArtifact 111 - The not so industrial-sounding "Explording Head Movie" '93 Nurse With Wound/Stereolab collab.

#IndustrialArtifact 112 - Quick Fix: Ministry + WSB. "Earth has a lot of things other folks might want..." #earthday

#IndustrialArtifact 113 - For Shakespeare's birthday, here's 1982's 12th Night-quoting dark synth gem XOYO by Passage.

#IndustrialArtifact 114 - Arno's, a short-lived club that was ground zero of the Belgian postpunk/synth scene.

#IndustrialArtifact 115 - In a glut of remix albums, the '96 Wumpscut/Haujobb EP remains astonishingly good. Buy it @

#IndustrialArtifact 116 - Another long-lost bang-on-stuff band, Sharkbait. Debuted in '88, this is from '91:

#IndustrialArtifact 117 - Neon Judgement's '82 "Stay Mad" = maybe the earliest metal guitar I've heard in industrial.

#IndustrialArtifact 118 - Martin Rev (of Suicide) cut this stone classic in 1977: "Temptation." #farfisaforever

#IndustrialArtifact 119 - @ChrisVrenna's inspired quirky production on Rasputina's cellorock How We Quit the Forest LP

#IndustrialArtifact 120 - Les Honteuses Alliance, P16.D4-led collab w/ Nocturnal Emissions & Merzbow, from Distruct LP.

#IndustrialArtifact 121 - Totally obscure act Manhole Vortex made this lovely, complex, & creepy dystopian ode in '97:

#IndustrialArtifact 122 - Source of a great cut by PIG = Britten #waxtraxfriday @raymondwatts and

#IndustrialArtifact 123 - Since it's horse race day, Acid Horse's classic "No Name No Slogan"—itself a good horse name

#IndustrialArtifact 124 - Instead of Star Wars day, let's remember the Kent State shootings. Skinny Puppy: "Tin Omen."

#IndustrialArtifact 125 - Chris Moriarty of Controlled Bleeding; marvelous musician RIP. Here's a gorgeous solo track:

#IndustrialArtifact 126 - Andy Kubiszewski, connection from Cleveland pre-NIN pop act Exotic Birds to Stabbing Westward

#IndustrialArtifact 127 - Foreheads in a Fishtank blur the EBM/greebo line, '91. Great 1st single then nearly nothing.

#IndustrialArtifact 128 - Students wrapped up their last exams today, so here's Babyland's fitting 2008 "A Graduation"

#IndustrialArtifact 129 - Benestrophe's "Pig Butcher," '94: first song ever released by the legendary RAS DVA Records.

#IndustrialArtifact 130 - A #MothersDay #Mixtape: SONGS NOT TO PLAY FOR YOUR MOM. Upsetting, bloody, and irreverent mom-themed music. Share it!

#IndustrialArtifact 131 - Apt, given the time: Sunday Monday Morning by Low Technicians. Clean Texas electro from '01.

#IndustrialArtifact 132 - R. Crutchfield's Dark Day "Exterminations": exquisite, 1980. Tapes, synths, dark and lovely.

#IndustrialArtifact 133 - RIP Nash the Slash, mask-wearing weirdo genius. Synthpop's most underrated villain. From 82:

#IndustrialArtifact 134 - Founded in 1996, LA's legend @DASBUNKER is still active as the US's home of industrial noise.

#IndustrialArtifact 135 - Metropakt - Neue Strassen, '85. In French, German & Japanese, but band is Spanish. #ofcourse

#IndustrialArtifact 136 - 1st pop then postpunk (prod. by Chameleons' DF) in the 80s, Crocodile Shop made this in '94:

#IndustrialArtifact 137 - Today is the 34th anniversary of Ian Curtis's death. A classic live performance:

#IndustrialArtifact 138 - Companion piece Psychic TV's '90 "I.C. Water." Curtis allegedly was slated to work with PTV.

#IndustrialArtifact 139 - AntiTankGuitar: weapon of 2x4s & piano wire used by Lab Report & Pigface, made by M. Schultz.

#IndustrialArtifact 140 - Minutes to Go: 87 comp w William S Burroughs, CabVoltaire, TAGC, Derrida (!), & J Cocteau (!)

#IndustrialArtifact 141 - One of the genre's shark-jumping moments: @alyankovic's "Germs" out-NINed most NIN wannabes.

#IndustrialArtifact 142 - For World Goth Day, here's the 1st act to blend goth/industrial in equal parts, Factrix, '80:

#IndustrialArtifact 143 - Suicide's '70s work is legend, but do you know their 1988 LP A Way of Life? #waxtraxfriday

#IndustrialArtifact 144 - Negativland's "Guns," offered without comment today.

#IndustrialArtifact 145 - When John Balance of #COIL was 16, this is the zine he made. Stabmental 2 in full:

#IndustrialArtifact 146 - Today's for remembering, so fittingly @GreatDismal invented cyberpunk w/ Johnny Mnemonic '81.

#IndustrialArtifact 147 - Wine tasting today, thus Einstürzende Neubauten's 07 Weingeister. Whole LP of them drinking.

#IndustrialArtifact 148 - Maya Is My Name, by trans artist Yendri. Goodnight.

#IndustrialArtifact 149 - Heard this song at Whisky Tango Sideshow tonight; not industrial, but s'got FM Einheit, so...

#IndustrialArtifact 150 - At 150bpm, a central anthem of the US indie coldwave scene, Chemlab's Codeine, Glue, and You:

#IndustrialArtifact 151 - Not Great Commandment... here's Camouflage's best—the Gregorian industrial of Every Now & Then

#IndustrialArtifact 152 - 1992 news story fearmongering about raves as Techno-Pagan Rituals. Watch out, Milwaukee.

#IndustrialArtifact 153 - Karen Han's great "Industrium Post Mortem" is the only glitch-goth erhu LP you'll ever need:

#IndustrialArtifact 154 - 25 years since the Tiananmen riots, here's the 1990 classic "Resist" by @F7A

#IndustrialArtifact 155 - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo, Christiane F's 70s classic of Berlin squatting, drugs, & misery:

#IndustrialArtifact 156 - Poésie Noire's ferocious 1985 track "Compjutr Syntax Error" launched a darkwave career.

#IndustrialArtifact 157 - Someone should write about the rasp-bass no-synth noiserock of the 90s e.g. God: On All Fours

#IndustrialArtifact 158 - Clock DVA's inspired cover of Velvet Underground's "Black Angel Deth Song," 1983.

#IndustrialArtifact 159 - Houston-based Pain Teens' '90 disarming back-looped noiserock ballad The Way Love Used to Be:

#IndustrialArtifact 160 - Die Krupps 85 LP Entering the Arena: misstep w/ funk guitar& backup singers. Best forgotten.

#IndustrialArtifact 161 - Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy's "Television" = arguably the best industrial/rap crossover.

#IndustrialArtifact 162 - Hybrid Kids '79 cover of D'Ya Think I'm Sexy. Insanity. IMHO the 1st great industrial cover.

#IndustrialArtifact 163 - Ever wonder what happened to the Machines of Loving Grace guys? Behold Amish Rake Fight:

#IndustrialArtifact 164 - Skinny Puppy's Dwayne G. helped w/ Sister Machine Gun's '92 "Night Returning" #waxtraxfriday

#IndustrialArtifact 165 - For friends getting hitched, Front242's Until Death (Us Do Part): a cut that changed my life

#IndustrialArtifact 166 - Father Forgive by Will. An alltime classic & probably THE original "monumental dance" cut.

#IndustrialArtifact 167 - Craig Leon made a great industrial LP in 81. For the World Cup, have "Donkeys Bearing Cups":

#IndustrialArtifact 168 - On this day in 1971 Nixon declared the War on Drugs. So here's KMFDM's "A Drug Against War":

#IndustrialArtifact 169 - Entrance music for Mike Tyson's 1988 legendary bout was none other than COIL. Terror indeed.

#IndustrialArtifact 170 - Maybe the 1st great indie cover of an industrial cut, Jon Spencer's 88 take on EN's Yü Gung.

#IndustrialArtifact 171 - Sun Ra: Space is the Place. The Afrofuturist master erases hegemonies by remaking the world.

#IndustrialArtifact 172 - Flowerpot Men's '84 "Jo's So Mean" is great, big, dark synthpop; they'd become Juno Reactor.

#IndustrialArtifact 173 - It's still in my head so here's unimpeachably legit ind-tinged postpunk act WIRE's Torch It:

#IndustrialArtifact 174 - Arthur Barrow, Zappa's bassist, did an industrial rock LP in 1993. Pretty okay, actually.

#IndustrialArtifact 175 - One of the best comps ever, '90's Arrhythmia gathers "tribal" industrial acts. #theresasequel

#IndustrialArtifact 176 - The Aesthetics of Failure, a vital work by cutup sound pioneer @KimCascone: #essentialreading

#IndustrialArtifact 177 - Brighter Death Now: OG Swedish noiseking & Cold Meat Industries head. Here's 94's DeathCraft

#IndustrialArtifact 178 - Only Lovers Left Alive (not the movie). In Wallis's '64 novel, all adults killed themselves.

#IndustrialArtifact 179 - On the WWI centennial, here's Sarajevo's greatest industrial export SCH w/ "Majna" from '88.

#IndustrialArtifact 180 - At 180BPM, "Verschwende Deine Jugend" is DAF's iconic ode to youth, beauty and ahistoricism.

#IndustrialArtifact 181 - Here's one for #SCOTUS, Consolidated's 1994 "Butyric Acid." #tragedyfarce

#IndustrialArtifact 182 - It's Belgium's day, jonges! Here's my Assimilate playlist of 1st-wave Belgian EBM, '81-85:

#IndustrialArtifact 183 - The Moog Vocoder, 1979: holy grail of robot speech effects (though based on the Bode 7702).

#IndustrialArtifact 184 - A reminder today of the rest of the world. @Leaether_Strip's Zoth Ommog classic "AntiUs."

#IndustrialArtifact 185 - Amazing vid shows two hrs from '84 at Yorkshire's Xclusiv club at the peak of 1st-wave goth.

#IndustrialArtifact 186 - 6de Kolonne, '85 one-off noise act from Eindhoven, released w/ help from Beglians Club Moral

#IndustrialArtifact 187 - Unit 187, Vancouver coldwave act. 1997's "Loaded" smears aggression across a groovy whisper.

#IndustrialArtifact 188 - Paracont's "D-Ranged," a massive 1994 hit in Europe's EBM scene that never crossed to the US:

#IndustrialArtifact 189 - The Top Sample Source List, pre-2000 crowdsourcing feat to trace samples in industrial songs:

#IndustrialArtifact 190 - Whitehouse's legendary July 1, 1983 show at Roebuck; violent, lying, and maybe glorious.

#IndustrialArtifact 191 - Stendeck (@stendeck_music), making some of the best post-EBM, post-technoid music now.

#IndustrialArtifact 192 - Timeghost: modern noisemaker who wires up his body, mics it, triggers analogue gear & noise:

#IndustrialArtifact 193 - In Pittsburgh today so let's recall Plastic Btls, the city's first industrial noise act, '83.

#IndustrialArtifact 194 - Christian Death's frontman Rozz Williams's noise act Premature Ejaculation. A rare '86 song:

#IndustrialArtifact 195 - On Bastille Day, overthrow a government! Also read about French ur-label Sordide Sentimental:

#IndustrialArtifact 196 - Cromagnon's 69 "Caledonia": experimental banger that unwittingly foretold metal & industrial

#IndustrialArtifact 197 - Hanging out w/ a member of Deathline Int'l, the Cali 90s ind. supergroup. One of their best:

#IndustrialArtifact 198 - In Detroit, so here's Final Cut's '89 "Open Your Eyes": techno-flavored aggro from @DJJeffMills

#IndustrialArtifact 199 - 2449 N Lincoln, Chicago: WaxTrax's original home. #waxtraxfriday (Also! My band Seeming plays CHI 2night @ Livewire)  

#IndustrialArtifact 200 - Servitor Sanctum 7, outstanding current tribal industrial (with whom I just played a show):

#IndustrialArtifact 202 - Thoughtful commentary on bands' lyrics in non-native tongues: Gothsicles' "English License"

#IndustrialArtifact 202 - VNV announce tour w/ SkinnyPuppy/Haujobb/Youth Code. Since it's moon landing day, "Genesis":

#IndustrialArtifact 203 - Sister Soleil, ca. 2000 hard electro-rock chanteuse and collaborator of NIN, Acumen, Gabriel:

#IndustrialArtifact 204 - Onstage equip list for @ThrobbingGrstle, given by Sleazy to Flowmotion #4. (Bad copy, sadly.)

#IndustrialArtifact 205 - S'my birthday, so here's Foetus Over Frisco's '82 "Birth Day." Don't call it industrial tho...

#IndustrialArtifact 206 - 1985 Chicago Tribune: The WaxTrax Way of Making Records. You're welcome. #WaxTraxFriday

#IndustrialArtifact 207 - Prog act Mythos pissed off fans w darkwave Robot Secret Agents '81. Catchy. #IndustrialFlute

#IndustrialArtifact 208 - Sun Yama's 1982 bizarro synth/darkwave/rap cover of Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues.

#IndustrialArtifact 209 - Houston-based The Hunger debuted in '89 with the now-forgotten club stomper "Cut the Skin."

#IndustrialArtifact 210 - Francesco Currà's 1976 Rapsodia Meccanica. Obscure, beautiful LP. Like Neubauten w/o noise.

#IndustrialArtifact 211 - LA goths Kommunity FK strayed industrial in 83's "Incompatible Disposition." Ace percussion.

#IndustrialArtifact 212 - Larry Wright, inventor of bucket drumming, & square one for hip-hop/Neubauten slash theory:

#IndustrialArtifact 213 - Prey Flesh, the fine capstone to an otherwise metalish 92 debut by Skrew, feat. Jim Marcus.

#IndustrialArtifact 214 - Another brooding slow burn: Kevorkian Death Cycle's fascinating "Tempest" from 1998. Huge.

#IndustrialArtifact 215 - Since a freaking BAT just broke lose in our apt., have Goteki-precursors Sneaky Bat Machine:

#IndustrialArtifact 216 - ∏: Aranofsky's breakout film of tech, mysticism, conspiracy. Sdtk by PWEI's @iamclintmansell

#IndustrialArtifact 217 - I Googled "martial funk" and got this bit of "Soviet bass": Midget Ninjas' "Pion de Floor"

#IndustrialArtifact 218 - 1st International Cassette Makers Conference, July 11-15 '89 in Cologne. Tape scene history:

#IndustrialArtifact 219 - Great piece of totally forgotten Belgian EBM: 1985's "In the City" by Happy Hunting Ground.

#IndustrialArtifact 220 - News: Barker/Fryer/Popa/Popa start a new band @psotm. (Does any genre like supergroups more?)

#IndustrialArtifact 221 - Second Layer, exp project of The Sound's Adrian Borland. Synth, echo, occasional brilliance:

#IndustrialArtifact 223 - A fine article on Texas industrial music history. Lots here for crate diggers:

#IndustrialArtifact 223 - Dubok, Ohio-based electro purveyors of huge synth, dnb flavors, and clean future aesthetics:

#IndustrialArtifact 224 - Since I'm moving today, here's the apt "I Am Moving" by XMTP techno-ish project U-Tek, '93:

#IndustrialArtifact 225 - Sow, excellent project of Anna Wildsmith, active since 89 (w sometime help from PIG—get it?)

#IndustrialArtifact 226 - I'm a Cop by Swedish extreme industrial act XXX Atomic Toejam, 1993 on Cold Meat Industry:

#IndustrialArtifact 227 - The noise/hip-hop/gothic fury of @AdamsonBarry's brilliant 2-minute burst "Still I Rise":

#IndustrialArtifact 228 - Followup to the Sow post. Didja know Watts (PIG) had a lite NewBeat act? 2-Kut w Anna W, 88:

#IndustrialArtifact 229 - I'd rather celebrate music than use it as commentary, but... "Police State" by Birmingham 6.

#IndustrialArtifact 230 - The Process, Brion Gysin's study of reality-as-hallucination. One of the great cult novels.

#IndustrialArtifact 231 - NL Centrum in Amsterdam (venue of Staaplaat's G-J Hobijn) = legendary. A live '87 recording:

#IndustrialArtifact 232 - X Marks the Pedwalk live with their track "Solitude" in Budapest, 1991.

#IndustrialArtifact 233 - Best anti-audience art ever? Komar/Melamid/Soldier's "Most Unwanted Song." Stick with it.

#IndustrialArtifact 234 - This week, '93: Type O Negative's Bloody Kisses opens w/ industrialesque & NSFW Machine Screw

#IndustrialArtifact 235 - 1990's Tyrell by HoodlumPriest (@hoodlum23) = cyberpunk triumph, even w its dubious rapping...

#IndustrialArtifact 236 - Back to school so: "School Art Room," '82 mess by ultra-obscure UK crypto-teens Alien Brains.

#IndustrialArtifact 237 - Belgium's darkwave well is bottomless. Company of State (later w/ Antler): 83 debut "Dark."

#IndustrialArtifact 238 - The Peyote Dance, Antonin Artaud's late-life gasp. Outsider anthropology-meets-drug-awakening

#IndustrialArtifact 239 - Still w/ the back-to-school blues, here's Controlled Bleeding's "Another Brick in the Wall"

#IndustrialArtifact 240 - Manray, the club that housed Boston's goth/industrial scene for 20 years. Pix of teardown:

#IndustrialArtifact 241 - Noise Unit started as a collab w/ FLA's Leeb & Klinik's Marc V '89 debut for #waxtraxfriday:

#IndustrialArtifact 242 - The brilliant cut (and peculiar vid) "Quite Unusual" is @_Front242's most underrated single.

#IndustrialArtifact 243 - Snakefinger, evil-sounding Residents' buddy. '79's industrial/reggae "Kill the Great Raven":

#IndustrialArtifact 244 - More industrial reggae: A. Sherwood's little-known act Missing Brazilians' '84 "Igloo Inn."

#IndustrialArtifact 245 - A 1994 post by none other than VNV's Ronan Harris, talking Nitzer Ebb.

#IndustrialArtifact 246 - Ministry's lovely "Angel," feat Patti Jourgensen.

#IndustrialArtifact 247 - The Doom Generation, '95 giallo/suburbspoitation. Sdtk=Coil, MC900'J, MBM, NIN, F242, Bigod20

#IndustrialArtifact 248 - Minimal Compact "Not Knowing (remix)": Israeli precursor to The Knife. WAX008 #waxtraxfriday

#IndustrialArtifact 249 - SPK's '81 SoliPsiK didn't feature then-UK G. Revell, but came from the Aus. faction. (NeHil)

#IndustrialArtifact 250 - Voigt/465, Aus. postpunk/psychnoise act, SPK's inspiration/headliner. Wandering, harsh, odd.

#IndustrialArtifact 251 - Jarboe in '84, before joining SWANS. "Walls Are Bleeding." Haunting, terrifying, gorgeous.

#IndustrialArtifact 252 - Macronympha's '93 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is sometimes called the greatest noise LP ever.

#IndustrialArtifact 253 - Decada 2 was among Mexico's first electro-industrial acts, founded '85. Here's an '87 track:

#IndustrialArtifact 254 - Index's burbling, lush sprawl "CinderCinderGirl" was among the best industrial songs of '96:

#IndustrialArtifact 255 - '88's "These Remains" paints a different evolution for @THRILLKILLKULT. Impassioned pleading

#IndustrialArtifact 256 - A diversion from industrial, here's a good piece on Bulgarian punk history, '70s onward:

#IndustrialArtifact 257 - #MinistryMonday, evidently. Tomorrow = release (at last) of 82's "Same Old Madness" on Cleo.

#IndustrialArtifact 258 - Pouppée Fabrikk's '89 debut "Die Jugend." Yes it's about Nazis, but surprise, PF is Swedish!

#IndustrialArtifact 259 - While you worried bout dancing, DeadVoicesOnAir made 20 noise LPs in as many years. Buy one.

#IndustrialArtifact 260 - In honor of my follower #, Danish shock act Psychopomps' 1995 big-band "666 Nights in Hell."

#IndustrialArtifact 261 - Accomplishment, 85/86 cut by Japanese act Dissecting Table. Huge abject rhythmic screams.

#IndustrialArtifact 262 - Touch Me by Scrappy=mediocre '88 Chicago house, but was produced—uncredited—by Die Warzau.

#IndustrialArtifact 263 - Real industrial? Maybe not, but I bet you still care about a new Information Society album.

#IndustrialArtifact 264 - Brigit Brat died '11, & though few recall her act God's Girlfriend, the LP on Tinman was ace.

#IndustrialArtifact 265 - Parade Ground, original EBM/synthpop wonders, have a new best-of. It's less than €8, newbs.

#IndustrialArtifact 266 - Ever wonder what Scott Benzel, singer of Machine of Loving Grace is up to now? Art. Behold:

#IndustrialArtifact 267 - '96 Terra Industria i-view w/ Numb's Don Gordon, oft-overlooked Vancouver industrial great.

#IndustrialArtifact 268 - Urban Primitive, 83: "Confront[ing] violence of 20th-c living...end[s] up simply mimicking it."

#IndustrialArtifact 269 - Jamie Duffy, of Acumen Nation and many others, whose death two years ago inspired ColdWaves.

#IndustrialArtifact 270 - Autogenerated books = the endgame of the cutup, so for #ColdWaves here's a very special book:

#IndustrialArtifact 271 - Thoughts are in Ferguson and Honk Kong. Here is the Hong Kong industrial act Headhunter.

#IndustrialArtifact 272 - Prayer Tower, Canadian cyber-industrial act with a Greg Reely-produced '93 debut, then gone.

#IndustrialArtifact 273 - AZ's Users of the Wicked Gravity split days before a planned '92 tour w Controlled Bleeding.

#IndustrialArtifact 274 - EarTV, a '92 compilation w/ all songs based on TV noises. Feat. Merzbow, Baroni, Haters, etc.

#IndustrialArtifact 275 - Kazakh/Chinese IZ recalls late-era Neubauten. Story & great '03 track: and

#IndustrialArtifact 276 - For #WaxTraxFriday, Christian Mumenthaler, iconic industrial CGI design for FLA/XMTP/Blok 57:

#IndustrialArtifact 277 - Synthpop filk act too charming to hate, S.P.O.C.K. Sweden's own, w/ 90's breakout "Klingon":

#IndustrialArtifact 278 - KMFDM's Opium '84. Safe to say there were NOT 200 copies. Reissue=rerecorded but last track.

#IndustrialArtifact 279 - For Twin Peaks' return, the theme-lifting ballad from Apoptygma's not-so-industrial 2000 LP:

#IndustrialArtifact 280 - For the full moon, here's Chrome's 1981 "Blood on the Moon," title track of their fifth LP:

#IndustrialArtifact 281 - Black Rain's rejected Johnny Mnemonic sdtk. Band = former Ike Yard & DeathCometCrew members.

#IndustrialArtifact 282 - [O]ne of the very first M&TF fan sites. Last updated Jan. '03. (Can one overrate M&TF?)

#IndustrialArtifact 283 - Searing proto-EBM from America's great No Wave crossover act Ike Yard. "Half a God," 1982.

#IndustrialArtifact 284 - Swans fans, didja know Gira's got a great track w/ Pigface? (Plus! Dave Trumfio of Pulsars!)

#IndustrialArtifact 285 - Polish EBM group Trumpets & Drums '94 "Knifehattan" has a doozie of an un-reprintable cover:

#IndustrialArtifact 286 - Vintage sequencers, including the Atari ST (FLA's favorite), all discussed, with screenshots.

#IndustrialArtifact 287 - Operation Beatbox, 96 comp of industrial covers of hip-hop classics. Made by @ChasejustChase

#IndustrialArtifact 288 - Somebody mentioned @TheClayPeople. What's this? Oh just their master tapes w/ Warzone stamp.

#IndustrialArtifact 289 - Einstürzende Neubauten's new WWI-themed LP Lament is coming, and it's dead freaking serious.

#IndustrialArtifact 290 - Carcinome, 88 debut by Dutch act Force Dimension. (Why so few Dutch acts w so many Belgian?)

#IndustrialArtifact 291 - French act Treponem Pal may be the only reggae-tinged industrial metal band around. From 96:

#IndustrialArtifact 292 - Heterodox Conclusion, '86 comp of experimental/industrial music by women, on Cause & Effect:

#IndustrialArtifact 293 - 25th anniversary: Pretty Hate Machine. Whether you fistpump or eyeroll, it changed the music. (See Assimilate p260.)  

#IndustrialArtifact 294 - Full Frequency was one of many CA 90s coldwave acts. Most didn't have a cut as good as this:

#IndustrialArtifact 295 - Wanna hear JG Thirlwell doing spoken word on a Christian industrial record? Argyle Park, 94:

#IndustrialArtifact 296 - Surrealists' Exquisite Corpse: famous projections of the cut-up at the compositional level.

#IndustrialArtifact 297 - Before they decided steampunk was the future, Abney Park made competent 90s electro darkwave.

#IndustrialArtifact 298 - Mongolian act Yat Kha covers Kraftwerk's "Man Machine," casting throat singing as vocoder:

#IndustrialArtifact 299 - Fracture almost landed a deal with T. Reznor's Nothing Records, but signed with Pendragon.

#IndustrialArtifact 300 - Scorn, the dub/ambient/sludge/trip Napalm Death sideproject. Nothing quite like it. From 92:

#IndustrialArtifact 301 - An oddball gem that nearly put classical set TelArc records outta business: Industrial Monk.

#IndustrialArtifact 302 - Kansas, by the Wolfgang Press: great if not 100% industrial track from 88 by the 4AD band.

#IndustrialArtifact 303 - Kenneth Anger's 1969 film"Invocation of My Demon Brother." Creepiest movie you'll see today.

#IndustrialArtifact 304 - RIP Wayne Static. Here's Skinny Puppy's excellent "Useless" on which he was a guest.

#IndustrialArtifact 305 - The excellent People Like Us commissioned this remix from Coil in 1999. "The Gimp/Sometimes"

#IndustrialArtifact 306 - 20 years ago, Robert Rich & @Lustmord were nearly done making the masterpiece LP Stalker.

#IndustrialArtifact 307 - You know Gruesome Twosome's 1st 7", but do you know the LP? Here's the housey I'm the Light:

#IndustrialArtifact 308 - Beltane Fire Festival, revival of ancient Gaelic rite, launched '88 by Test Dept's Farquhar:

#IndustrialArtifact 309 - Headed to Wisconsin, so here's great Madison export Stromkern w/ the original "Night Riders"

#IndustrialArtifact 310 - Another Wisconsin band, Monstrum Sepsis. Great swampy gurgling electro (plus a Matrix cred):

#IndustrialArtifact 311 - Still in Wisconsin, thus the great darkwave Oneiroid Psychosis of Milwaukee, rmx by Decree:

#IndustrialArtifact 312 - From a discussion at #AMSMT and for #MinistryMonday, have the rhythm-shifting "Just One Fix":

#IndustrialArtifact 313 - For Veterans' Day, take a good look at Dulce et Decorum Est: foundational anti-war modernism.

#IndustrialArtifact 314 - For the pi number, recall ∏'s soundtrack is by Clint Mansell of industrial/greebo/rap PWEI.

#IndustrialArtifact 315 - And one last for today. The 81 version of "Remembrance Day," B-Movie's finest synthpop hour:

#IndustrialArtifact 316 - Einstürzende Neubauten's "How Did I Die?" Just released. Astonishing by the end.

#IndustrialArtifact 317 - The African and Asian Alternative Database. Looking for noise/metal/exp. from the nonwest?

#IndustrialArtifact 318 - John Balance of Coil died ten years ago today. The world is a quieter and louder place. 

#IndustrialArtifact 319 - Breathtaking f-pop/darkwave ballad "Serafina" by near unknowns A Covenant of Thorns, 2004.

#IndustrialArtifact 320 - Since I was at a cider tasting, have Silver Apples' "Oscillations." '68 synth-driven banger.

#IndustrialArtifact 321 - Front Line Assembly (@F7A) channels JoyDivision. Dig the "Leaders of Men" bit on "Threshold."

#IndustrialArtifact 322 - Gnome & Spybey (of @zoviet_france) + Tom Shear (of @Assemblage_23) = atmosphere for miles.

#IndustrialArtifact 323 - Wolf Eyes: "Burn Your House Down." With 2002's Dread, Wolf Eyes reinvigorated noise music.

#IndustrialArtifact 324 - An interview with RAS DVA's Ric Laciak, RIP. You will be missed.

#IndustrialArtifact 325 - Kozmonaut: Arabische Nacht. Latino act in SF w Russian name & German lang. song about Arabia

#IndustrialArtifact 326 - You know Laibach: "Life Is Life," but how about the original by Opus? and

#IndustrialArtifact 327 - Can't confirm if Propaganda's '84 Discipline is the 1st @ThrobbingGrstle cover, but s'close.

#IndustrialArtifact 328 - Neomedievalism in pop: earlier examples exist than Third Ear's '70 "Water," but not weirder...

#IndustrialArtifact 329 - Cabaret Voltaire, still dour in 1987 with "Thank You America."

#IndustrialArtifact 330 - Thanks for the last and greatest betrayal of the last and greatest of human dreams. - WSB.

#IndustrialArtifact 331 - Just picked this up on vinyl today. Classic UK EBM: Johnson Engineering Co.'s "Floorslammer"

#IndustrialArtifact 332 - Nitzer Ebb live in '83: "I'd like to make sure that no one... think we're Nazis or fascists."

#IndustrialArtifact 333 - In '71, Mort Garson made the occult noise Black Mass, arguably the 1st all-out darkwave LP.

#IndustrialArtifact 334 - Dig the late-90s sub-subgenre of Curve/Portishead trippy female industrial rock. Chainsuck:

#IndustrialArtifact 335 - It was dark by 4:30 today, so here's Project Pitchfork's 1997 "December Sadness."

#IndustrialArtifact 336 - Ultravox in 77, at once forward- and backward-looking: "I Want To Be A Machine." Astonishing

#IndustrialArtifact 337 - Arguably the 1st rock lead vocal w vocoder, Raven by A. Parsons. Industrial no—spooooky yes.

#IndustrialArtifact 338 - For the protests tonight, "I Can't Breathe" by @numanofficial. Let's make ourselves known.

#IndustrialArtifact 339 - Chemlab's striking ambient poem "Pink," (1996) with Amy Gorman channeling Lydia Lunch.

#IndustrialArtifact 340 - Holy cow, Euro electro acts just loved covering "Faith Healer." Power To Dream's 84 version:

#IndustrialArtifact 341 - Moev's over-the-top darkwave melodrama is great on 1982's "Madhatter." Should've been a hit.

#IndustrialArtifact 342 - UT prof J Gunn's '04 review of the Industrial Culture Handbook, among its scant secondary lit

#IndustrialArtifact 343 - In Assimilate's 2nd ed, ch 3 will mention Front 242's Terry Riley nod, "Never Lost (Riley)":

#IndustrialArtifact 344 - Unsurprisingly, Maynard James Keenan had an industrial rock band before Tool. An '87 gig:

#IndustrialArtifact 345 - Kill Switch...Klick live on TV in '97, with two basses. Integral part of Seattle's 90s scene.

#IndustrialArtifact 346 - One of the finest @skinnypuppy_ side project tracks: Hilt's '89 "Get Out of the Grave, Alan"

#IndustrialArtifact 347 - The 1st track ever released by Denmark's Hard Records: Lights of Euphoria's "Subjection" 93:

#IndustrialArtifact 348 - Brigade Werther, one of Zoth Ommog's first hit acts, with 1990's "Killbeat":

#IndustrialArtifact 349 - Today is the birthday of Philip K. Dick, missing link between Burroughs's drug-addled paranoia & Gibson's cyberpunk.  

#IndustrialArtifact 350 - Funker Vogt's politics always traded on plausible deniability. Not anymore. #WeCanDoBetter

#IndustrialArtifact 351 - The 1st industrial remix comp series=Funky Alternatives, organized by 400 Blows' Andrew Beer.

#IndustrialArtifact 352 - Portion Control's 1983 "Crash Weight Gain" shows just how funky early dance industrial was.

#IndustrialArtifact 353 - @HaujobbMusic's "Eye Over You" was the moment we knew something was about to change. Thanks.

#IndustrialArtifact 354 - Dr Edward Moolenbeek: fictitious member of Hafler Trio and exhibit 1 in industrial acts' legitimization via academia  

#IndustrialArtifact 355 - Happy Solstice, everyone. From their Winter Solstice EP, here's Coil.

#IndustrialArtifact 356 - 10 days left in 2014=my top 10 industrial songs. 10: Whitehouse's "Wriggle Like an Eel"

#IndustrialArtifact 357 - 9 days left in 2014=my top 10 industrial songs. 9: Kraftwerk's "The Man Machine"

#IndustrialArtifact 358 - 8 days left in 2014=my top 10 industrial songs. 8: Nine Inch Nails' "Mr. Self Destruct."

#IndustrialArtifact 359 - 7 days left in 2014=my top 10 industrial songs. 7: Laibach's "Sympathy." That bridge = funk.

#IndustrialArtifact 360 - 6 days left in 2014=my top 10 industrial songs. 6: Throbbing Gristle's "Discipline."

#IndustrialArtifact 361 - 5 days left in 2014=my top 10 industrial songs. 5: FLA's Mindphaser, which opens Assimilate.

#IndustrialArtifact 362 - 4 days left in 2014=my top 10 industrial songs. 4: Front 242's "Until Death (Us Do Part)"

#IndustrialArtifact 363 - 3 days left in 2014=my top 10 industrial songs. 3: Skinny Puppy's "Worlock." That vocoder.

#IndustrialArtifact 364 - 2 days left in 2014=my top 10 industrial songs. 2: "Thieves" - Ministry (Hi @AlFknJourgensen)

#IndustrialArtifact 365 - My #1 industrial song of all time: Einstürzende Neubauten's "Seele Brennt."